Riga's Railway Bridge (Dzelzceļa tilts).



Below is a selection of articles I have written for various publications over the last 20 years.

Hot, Naked, Sweaty


Your guide to Latvian saunas. Published on Julia Gifford's blog Food, Writing and Random Musings.

Heaven (and hell) on Earth

Siberian Latvian villagers.


In the early 2000s I made several journeys to Russia to report on Latvian villages in Siberia. Published in Latvians Online.

The Livonians: Coasting to a Different Beat

Transport on the Livonian Coast.


A journey to Latvia's remote northwest coast to meet the last of the Livs, an ancient fishing people. The article originally appeared in The Baltic Times.

Rebel Without a Pause

Ingvars Leitis.


A portrait of Ingvars Leitis, historian, traveller and rebel. Originally published in The Baltic Times.